Members of
Rotary Club of Luyang 

On 1st July 2018, number of members = 28

Stephen Siaw

President Stephen Siaw

President & Chair for Public Relations

Marketing Consultant / Tour Operator

Chung Zheng Uyee

IPP Chung Zheng Uyee

Immediate Past President & International Service Chair

President (2017-2018)
Finance & Investment

PP Kenneth Tan

PP Kenneth Tan

Vice President

President (2015-2016)
Project Management

Joseph Tsen

Joseph Tsen

Secretary & Club Service Chair

Cyber Security & Web Hosting

PP Christina Lo

PP Christina Lo, PHF


President (2005-2006)
Corporate Secretarial Consultancy

Arthur C. Makulim

Arthur C. Makulim



Dato’ Soh Poh Soon, PHF

Dato’ Soh Poh Soon, PHF + 1

Director for Rotary Foundation

Commodity Trader

Datuk Dr Rajagopal Sundara, PHF

Datuk Dr. Rajagopal Sundara, PHF

Director for Service Projects


Mavis M.J. Labangka

PP Mavis Muriel James Labangka


President (2016-2017)
Ship Maintenance - Management

PP Ade Adenan Ramdan, PHF

PP Ade Adenan Ramdan, PHF


President (2013-2014)
Mechanical Engineering

David Ong

David Ong Choon Chung



PP Datuk Aaron Pang

PP Datuk Aaron Pang, PHF

Chairman of Past Presidents Council & Community Service Chair

President (2002-2003)
Health Products

PP Kent Chau

PP Kent Chau Tak Bin, PHF + 1

Membership Chair

AG (2016-2017)
President (2010-2011)
Aged Care Service

Dr. Selvam

Dr. Selvam A/L Shanmugam

Vocational Service Chair


Aaron Fong

Aaron Fong

Youth Service Chair


Francis Chan

PP Francis Chan

AG (2017-2018)
President (2014-2015)
Safety & Health Consultant

PP Abdul Halim Egoh, PHF

PP Abdul Halim Egoh, PHF

AG (2013-2014)
President (2012-2013)

CP Dr. TR. Rajasekharan, PHF

CP Dr. T.R. Rajasekharan, PHF

Family Physician

PP Peter Chu, PHF

PP Peter Chu, PHF

President (2000-2001)
Energy Solutions

PP Datuk Hj Abdullah Sibil, PHF

PP Datuk Hj. Abdullah Sibil, PHF

President (2006-2007)

PP Chong Vun Then, PHF

PP Chong Vun Then, PHF

President (2009-2010)
Economics Researcher

PP Lim Chee Dean

PP Lim Chee Dean, PHF + 1

President (2011-2012)
General Insurance

Dr. Frederick Chuo, PHF

Dr. Frederick Chuo Sing How, PHF

General Surgeon

Pauline Lo

Pauline Lo


Dr. Premadeva Satkurunathan

Dr. Premadeva Satkurunathan

Paediatric Opthamologist

Paul Lo

Paul Lo

General Contractor

Alex Ang

Alex Ang Chu Leat

Bird' Nest Processing and Exporter

Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan

Food Processing Consultant

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