Free cataract check up for senior villagers in Beaufort

Six Rotary Clubs in Kota Kinabalu jointly conducted free cataract check up for senior villagers in Beaufort. 27 rotarians and family members including 5 rotarians doctors, 18 cataract finders from KPJ staffs, 15 members of PAWE and 10 volunteers Parlimen Beaufort participated in this Gift of Sight Sabah Cataract Club. Special thanks to the support of Sabah Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing YB Datuk Isnin Aliasnih whom provided breakfast and lunch for the team and YB Datuk Seri Panglima Hajjah Azizah for sponsoring venue and providing refreshments for villagers who came for the screening. 245 villagers went for check-up and 104 were referred to Beaufort Hospital for further check up. 92 pairs of reading glasses were distributed to those who needed it.